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Hampton International Film Fest starts Thursday

The Hamptons International Film Festival starts Thursday. Once again I will not be making the trip to the end of the Long Island to cover it.

That sounds slightly snide, and I don’t mean it to be, rather its more the result that the film overlaps the final weekend of the New York Film Festival and Comic Con. The Hamptons has overlapped NYFF for a very long time now making it difficult for me to cover the NYC stuff and the stuff out East. For me making the schlep all the way out there is became even more complicated once I started doing Unseen because many films screened elsewhere. If I’m going to make the 90 minute car ride from my house to the Hamptons I would want to cover several things, and because I do NYFF and Tribeca and several other festivals its hard to find several events to make the trip worth it- I'm in line to have seen 18 of the films before the festival ends via other fests plus I have access to another 7.

The one thing I never question is their choice of films- The Hamptons has excellent taste and to prove it here’s a list of what we’ve seen to help you make a choice of something good to see.

CAROL (seeing this at NYFF next Saturday- review to follow)
BRIDGE OF SPIES (seeing this today at NYFF- review to follow)
BROOKLYN (Seeing this week at NYFF-review to follow)
SON OF SAUL (Seeing this Monday at NYFF review to follow)
PALIO plus here's my and Hubert's interview with the director
RUSSIAN WOODPECKER- this is the BAMcinema Fest review. A full review is coming for its theatrical release

I may see some of all of the following if time, the weather and the New York Film Festival permits

If I see them reviews will follow.

For those who wish more information on Hamptons International Film Festival you can find it here.

(T)error (2015) opens Wednesday

I saw (T)ERROR Tribeca and I liked it a great deal. Here's a repost of my Tribeca review

Examination of the government use of informants in cases of terror. The film follows Saeed Tores aka Shariff as he goes under cover to capture Khalifah Al-Akii who may or may not be a terrorist in waiting

An infuriating story unwinds as Shariff decides to let the directors follow him around, without telling the FBI, as he begins to try and track his prey. Shariff is a an ex Black Panther who turned government informant so he could stay out of prison. Having helped put a whole number of bad guys away things turned back when he was forced to testify in open court on a questionable case. He seems like a guy who knows his stuff, however it soon becomes clear his FBI handlers are nimrods a fact borne out when the story flops and heads off in a completely unexpected direction. I won't say what happens because seeing it happen as told in the film is like getting smacked in the face. Trust me I was sitting in the theater with my head in the hands when the FBI sends someone in to help.

This is a really good film. Moving along at a good clip the film

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My favorite pictures from the STEVE JOBS press conference at the New York FIlm Festival 2015

I posted a bunch of pictures from the STEVE JOBS press conference at our Tumblr page (Go Here) and the one's below are my favorites of those.

Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet
Seth Rogen, Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet
Fassbender makes a face
Everybody laugh
Kate Winslet
Jeff Daniels ponders 
More laughter
Michael Fassbender
Danny Boyle laughs

Many more pictures at Tumblr- and my hard drive- I may post more later that I realized I didn't post.

Where to Invade Next (2015) New York Film Festival 2015

Michael Moore's latest film has been called his most optimistic and least angry film. I don't know if it's less angry, however it definitely is hopeful.

The film begins with Michael Moore being called into the Pentagon and asked by the Joint Chiefs where America could invade in order to determine where we could invade and actually win. Moore then goes across Europe looking for places to invade and what we should take from the various countries.  On his travels he discovers:

In Italy that many weeks of paid vacation, long lunches leads to greater productivity, less stress and less absenteeism.

In France  good school lunches get the kids to eat better for less money. They also have sex ed that reduces teen pregnancy and STDs

Finland has shorter school days and no home work and has students now considered the best educated in the world.

Slovenia has free college for everyone (even people from the US)

Germany has spa stays for the stressed and they accept their dark past.

Portugal doesn't arrest anyone one for drug use. They also have a great treatment plan.(When Moore points out that drugs are ruining people's lives the Portuguese Minister of Health says so is Facebook but no one is banning it.)

Norway has a prison system where there are few guards and real attempts at correcting bad behavior

Tunisia has women health clinics and allows womena voice.

Iceland elected the world first female president.

Moore's film is another cinematic essay about what's wrong with America but this time out Moore actually tells us what we should do to fix the country. Most amazingly for those who think Moore hates America is that by the time film ends you realize that he does love the country and that he really wants it work. Hell the big denouncement of the film is that all of the ideas are originally American- they just were refined elsewhere in the world.

While far from perfect the film nay actually be very close to being Michael Moore's best film. The problem, is that with like many of Moore's other films is that he isnt always the best at organizing the material for maximum effect. I say this having recently gone back tosee some of Moore's earlier films again and realized that as much as I liked them, my positive reaction to the films was more the result of being carried along by his message rather than his filmmaking. He really can't make a polished film.

Here the problem is that after traveling around a good part of Europe we get to Germany. The talk about how Germany treats it's workers with free spa stays for those stressed out  is amusing. The problem is Moore makes a sudden turn into darkness with an examination of how Germany is dealing with it's genocidal past. Moore feels that we in America should do the same thing. I'm not going to dispute his point. I understand what he's going for however the problem is it's a sudden turn that breaks the momentum of the film.(Also it doesn't fit his ultimate point which is everything he's raiding from the world actually came from an original American idea)

If that was the only problem with the film it would be okay except that after that the focus of the film shifts from raiding good ideas from the rest of the world into a film that posits that world would be better if women ran it, or at the very least had a large say in it. Again- the problem here is not the  premise, rather it's that the film more or less throws away the idea of things to take from the rest of the world for a new direction just over half way in. Instead of lots of idea he simply repeats the same one in a couple of countries. There is nothing wrong with it except that it left me wondering what the film really is all about. Moore tries to weave the women should be in charge with the other ideas  and it kind of works, I mean the ending had me shed a tear, but at the same time the premise that women need to be more involved in the running of things should be a film of its own and not part of the rest of this film.

Should you see the film? Oh hell yea. Its a really good if slightly uneven film that is going to give you a great deal to think about especially when you realize that many of the things he finds wrong are there just to make some corporation richer and not to make our lives or children better.

The film has ne more screening at the New York Film Festival at 3 PM today (For tickets and information go here) and is do to be released to theaters some time soon.

My Golden Days (2015) New York Film Festival 2015

Arnaud Desplechin's MY GOLDEN DAYS was a big winner at this years Cannes Film Festival. The film is a quasi-semi-kind of sequel cum prequel to his earlier  MY SEX LIFE ...OR HOW I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT. I say semi, ect because at the New York Film Festival press conference Desplechin said that he told the young stars of this film not to watch the earlier film since he wanted the film to stand on it's own.

The film has the adult Paul Dédalus (played by Mathieu Amalric reprising his role from the earlier film) remembering some early episodes from his youth, his crazy mother, the loss of his passport in Russia and his years long romance with a girl named Esther. We watch how the couple meets when Paul comes home from college for a weekend and follow it through to it's end.

For me the film the episodic nature of the film doesn't hang together. At the press conference Desplechin said that the film is a kind of Russian song with Russia, its culture and republic winding through it. I don't think that really works, nor do I think that any of the other thematic or plot threads do either. Yes each piece works on its own, but they don't hang together.

I'm also not to sure that the film's depiction of teens in the late 80's and early 90's really is true. I'm not that much older than the characters in the film and had a lot of friends about the kids age at the time. Maybe it's a French thing but for me and my friends life didn't involve sitting around chain smoking. I think the fact that during the press conference there was a friendly argument between the head of the film society Kent Jones and Desplechin got into a friendly argument about what the music in the film was called indicates that despite press pronouncements the director doesn't really have a things down as perfectly as many seem to feel (For the record Jones was dead right it was New Wave).

This is not a bad film. Its just I don't see the wonder many people see in the film. Worth a look, but nothing you need rush out to see...

There is one more screening at the New York Festival today at noon. For tickets and more information go here.  It will also be released by Magnolia soon

Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words (2015) New York Film Festival 2015

The literal translation of the films title is I, INGRID which doesn't sound so hot in English, but in a weird way it's a better title.

This is the story of Bergman told through here diary, her letters, home movies, photos, interviews and children. Its a loving portrait of the woman, her world and her life from her perspective.

And that's about all you need to know. If that thrills you to death you're going to love this and you don't need to read anything I'm going to come up with. If that's not thrilling you may want to take a pass or wait for it to show up on TV.

That's not a flippant remark. It's one that's carefully measured based on my experience seeing the film. The film starts and we are instantly thrown into tragedy as Bergman recounts all of the people who died over the previous year. The film takes a low key stance, which is reinforced by Michael Nyman's score. Life can be terrible and Bergman is wary of it, even in the happy times she still shows the occasional sign of uncertainty. I was kind of depressed and I disconnected with the film.

I do like it but when I had to step away from the screening for a bathroom break I found that I didn't hurry back, I took a moment to check my phone and look for a snack.

I know part of the problem for me was that I kind of knew a great deal of this already. I've been a Bergman fan for years. For me the only thing new here is the mental landscape  but after half an hour I kind of felt I had an idea about that.

Personally I think this is a very good film, but I'm trying to get my head around why the film has garnered so much love and so many prominent places at film festivals, it's not that good. I suspect that the fact that the film doesn't shy away from the controversies in Bergman's life is a big part of it. While it may not dig deep into them it does mention them, at least from her point of view which I guess thrills some.

As I said above- if you are dying to see this you're going to eat it up. If not it's a nice time passer about a great actress.

Th film plays the 5th and 6th at the New York Film Festival. For information and tickets go here.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Michael Moore talks WHERE TO INVADE NEXT at the NYFF 2015 press conference

Michael Moore held one hell of a good press conference at the New York Film Festival for his film WHERE TO INVADE NEXT. A review is coming soon, but here are pictures of him talking to Kent Jones.

Ken Jones and Michael Moore begin at a gallop

A Finnish reporter ask Michael Moore about what works in America
Kent Jones doubles over laughing as Michael Moore cracks wise

Arnaud Desplechin at the NYFF 2015 press conference for his film MY GOLDEN DAYS

Director Arnaud Desplechin spoke with Kent Jones after the the NYFF press screening of his film MY GOLDEN DAYS. A review will follow shortly

Kent Jones and Arnaund Desplechin

DePalma (2015) New York Film Festival 2015

Baumbach, De Palma and Paltrow at the conclusion of the NYFF screening
Jake Paltrow and Noah Baumbach sat Brian De Palma down and talked to him for five days about his films and films in general. When they did it they weren't sure what they were going to do with it, they simply wanted to record all of the stories they had heard over the years. Eventually they decided to put it together as a film for the world to see.

The film is De Palma sitting in a chair talking for almost two hours about his life, his films and his influences. Its filled with film clips and stories and the man himself holding court. Its a great ride.

This is De Palma's story and if the details aren't always 100% true, they are the one's that he remembers. I say that because Baumbach in the post film screening at the New York Film Festival inferred that's the case. I haven't fact checked it but I suspect it's probably true because we all get things wrong, that doesn't mean it's not a great story.

The film itself is a great deal of breezy fun as De Palma talks about the films he's made and the careers he started (say Robert DeNiro). The film is full of great stories about how and why films were made and cast-DePalma takes great jot in making fun of Cliff Robertson in OBSESSION who was unnaturally tan and worked to derail his co-stars. The film is also a kick as primer on why some films work, some don't and why things get made or never see the light of day as De Palma explains why films went as they did.

The problem  with the film is that he's made so many films over the years that there is a great deal left out. Some stories say some of the yelling over REDACTED is never mentioned and some films are barely mentioned. PASSION is only noticed via a film clip (though to be fair the recording was done five years ago according to the Q&A so PASSION wasn't made yet). I want to see the unedited material which I suspect has many hours of great-and probably unpublishable stories.

This is a really good film about a great filmmaker. Its a really fun look at Hollywood via an outsider who is sometimes an insider. Definitely a must see for anyone who loves films.

(A word of warning - if you don't know DePalma's films you may end up a little lost since the films are not put into context nor are their plots revealed. At the same time in a couple of cases the twist endings of his films are revealed- so this film may act as a spoiler.)

The NYFF screening is done. It is due for a release soon from A24

A rambling response to Arabian Nights Volume 1: The Restless One (2015) New York Film Festival 2015

I have only seen one part of Miguel Gomes epic riff on the politics of Portugal told via ala the frame work of the Arabian Nights. I have only saw the first of three parts because that's the only way it fit into my schedule. I had been hoping that the festival would have either screened the whole six and a half hours in one go for the press or during the festival, but that was not to be. (there was a huge amount of sadness in the press corps because many of us love when we get to spend a whole day with one movie.) The decision as to whether I would review the one part or wait until I saw them all came down down to a point- how did I feel about continuing when I was done.

When the film ended and the lights went up my feeling was that unless I could go right into the next film or see it with out too much trouble I would be okay never seeing another part. Yes I will be making an effort to see the remaining four and a half hours but at the same time unless I can see it all in one sitting I'm not going to make the time going back and forth to the theater three times (For the record the film opens in New York in December with one piece opening one a week for three weeks)

This isn't to say that the film is bad, it's not, and it becomes more interesting as it goes on, rather its not great, or at least this part isn't. Its good but it's not great.

Told in a style that is generously described as rambling the film begins with three stories being told at once: First that of a closing ship yard, Second the story of how wasps are killing off honey bees. And third the story of the director who has a nervous break down not being able to connect the first two stories. This leads into the director and his crew being arrested and sentenced to die. Desperate to survive the director spins a story that is a modern telling of the Arabian nights. From there we get the story of ministers and bankers with magical hard ons, a crockrel on trial for crowing too much, a love story and a guy having heart problems as he tries to put a January first swim together. There's more to it than that but its a start.

My problems with the film comes from two places. First this is political film that says up front is tied to the collapse of the Portuguese economy in 2013 and 2014. If you think I have any idea what happened you'd be wrong so any and all allusions to real world events were lost. Secondly this film is all over the place- I mean all over the place. Real world mixes with made up. Reality mixes with fantasy (when the whale above explodes a mermaid ends up on the beach). Things happen because it seemed like a good idea at the time. A love triangle is played out by children in the middle of the cockerel story. Why? no clue. Its well done but I have no idea why it's inserted.

Oh and everything kind of references everything else in ways that make you realize you have to really be paying attention.(This last point was brought home when I was trying to explain a part late in the film to some one who missed a passing reference early on)

I know the film is getting a great deal of love from the critical community but what I want to know did they see it all in one go and did they get cheat sheets? This is a film I suspect has cheat sheets floating around that connect everything.

I do like the film but this was the first part of three. There is just way too much to hold in my head until I can see the next volume some time in mid December.

To be fair I'll run a new review of it all once I see it all.

a few words on Tabac Rouge at Brooklyn Academy of Music

James Thierrée is the grandson of Charlie Chaplin.

It doesn't mean much where his talent is concerned since he is at least his grandfathers equal if not his superior.  I only mention it because Thierree's  build and grey hair mixed with some of his mannerisms makes it seem that Chaplin about the time of THE GREAT DICTATOR is on stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Thierree and his theater company are performing in TABAC ROUGE through Sunday and if you want to see some of the most amazing things you will ever see go get tickets now. And that's not hyperbole I am in awe of what I saw and some of it is so far beyond WOW and any other superlatives that I simply can not explain what I saw. Frankly I should have been crying from the sheer joy and disbelief at what I was seeing by quite simply I couldn't and still can't process what I just saw.

The evening began with a mishap- there were technical difficulties and the start was delayed roughly an hour. Hubert and I kind of wondered what all of that was about. What could delay things an hour?

When the curtain rose the stage was litter with lighting rigs, music played, lights flickered. The house lights stayed on. Eventually people were carried on to stage, things happened and a man blew out the house lights. From there wonders came one after another as a huge wall moved around and revealed more people- who slide and danced and contorted their way across the stage Everything was constant motion. Somewhere a dictator or god like figure dealt with the people around him. It all ends with a giant mobile spinning on stage as the audience stood and went berserk with applause.

I kept thinking that was the coolest thing I had ever seen until the next thing happened that made me think that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. And somewhere  in there I started to tear up because I was seeing something that had put me so far past words that all I could do to express myself was to cry.

I can not tell you what the show is. If you look at pictures or clips you'll see stuff that's in there but you won't see what the whole show is. It will not and can not convey what it is like to be in the theater when this thing happens. If pressed I will say its some weird fable that is kind of like watching Charlie Chaplin trapped in a silent post apocalyptic Samuel Beckett play that is occasionally invaded by Bill Irwin.

Its just- WOW.

I'm not going to lie and say everyone is going to love it. It's not for all tastes. There is a loose through line but how and why and what it all means are not specified. Things happen and you either accept it or you'll go mad. Hubert ,who went with me, kind of summed up the best way to handle it which was after a while he just stopped trying to make sense of it and just let the show happen. Frankly the people  who walked out missed one hell of a show stopper at the end. No clue what the giant whirling spinning mobile meant but god damn it was cool.

The show plays through Sunday and you really have to rearrange your life, cancel the wedding, sell the kids, put grandma in hock in order to see this. Trust me you will see wonders the likes of which you have never seen and will be better for it.

For tickets and more information go here.

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Why you should see A TOUCH OF ZEN at the New York Film Festival 10/5

Because of the way the screenings fell together with this year's New York Film Festival I haven't had time to get to coverage of all of the revivals the way I have in years past. I simply don't have time to write full reviews of all of the films. However there are a couple of films I have to mention even if it's just to tell you to go and see it.

Female fugitive on the run is pursued by the agents of the men who killed her family. Hooking up with a painter and a monk she struggles to get revenge

When King Hu made A TOUCH OF ZEN I doubt very much he thought he was changing the world forever.  I'm very serious, for better or worse changed the world.


Quite simply A TOUCH OF ZEN is the film that pretty much codified the historical wu xia film as we know it. All of those films from the 1970's and 80's came from this film. There is a through line or at least a dividing line, films before and films after. You have real settings, characters that re more than cartoons,  fights that enhance the plot, and the film was technically a notch above everything else. It upped the ante and showed everyone what could be done. People copied it and in so doing started to revamp a genre that would influence culture the world over.

Yes I know that this is a wild over simplification, so don't send me nasty letters. I'm trying to get people to go and see it not to provide the be all and end all historical record.

The film is a trip... and it's also really long. The film is 200 minutes. Its a breezy 200 minutes so don't worry.

If you've never seen this you need to make an effort to do so....but don't beat yourself up if you can't do it at the NYFF. Normally I would twist your arm and tell you to go see it but the screening is at 9PM which means you won't be out of the film until 1230 on a Monday night.

On the plus side the restoration is being released by Janus films so hopefully the film will get wide release and a Criterion special edition.

The film plays October 5. For tickets and more information go here.

Saving Mr Wu (2015)

Based on the story of the abduction of one of the film's cast, Wu Ruofu, SAVING MR WU is the story of what happens when a gang of kidnappers pretend to be cops and kidnap a big name star, played by Andy Lau.

Told out of order, the film begins with the kidnapping. It then flashes forward to the point where the police are interrogating one of the kidnappers. They know they have their man, but they are also keenly aware that if things don't proceed quickly Wu will most likely be killed.

This is a solid little thriller. Its not in any sort of way an action film, this is in reality a police procedure/crime  or hostage thriller. We are very much focused on what is happening to Wu and the police efforts to try and find him.

I'm not entirely sure if the jumbled time line completely works. Don't get me wrong the film is full of tension, but because of the jumbling there are certain bits which we are aware of a tad too early. We know that certain events we see when the film dives back in time are not going to be completely black, For example since Wu Ruofu  is in the film, he plays a police detective, we know he survives. This should have been tenser, but while I'm not sure jumbling the time frame works, I'm not sure a straight forward telling would have worked either. Either way this is just a damn fine story.

My nit picking about the time frame shouldn't be taken to impy in anyway shape or form that this is a bad film, Its not, It's actually a tense little thriller with a really bad guy at it's center. What's scary about the kidnappers isn't so much what they do, its their careless and carefree attitude that's scary. I mean they are willing to off the poor schlub they kidnapped before Wu simply because they screwed up and simply assumed he had money. Life really is cheap to these guys.

This is one to track down and see. This is a perfect popcorn film.

The film hit theaters in Asia yesterday and goes world wide and across the US tomorrow.

No Home Movie (2015) NYFF 2015 is not for all tastes

It begins with  four minute long shot of a tree in the desert blowing in the wind. It then shifts to the apartment of director's Chantal Akerman's mother. We watch as the pair interacts over the final months of the elder Akerman's life.

How you react to the film is going to depend upon several things. Are you a fan of the directors, if so by all means dive in. If you are not a fan, or if you are not a fan of films that are told in long static shots, usually at a distance then you might want to stay away.  This is a film where with rare exceptions in the second half, we are forever outsiders. We are watching the conversations and action outside of it all. It's an intentional device that makes us work a little harder at what we are seeing.

I should note that I am not an Akerman fan. I've seen several of her works but they have never truly blown my skirt up. Its not that the films are bad, rather the observational approach, keeping us on the outside, doesn't work for me.  Or if it does, it doesn't work for two hours, I tend to lose interest.

Such is the case with NOT A HOME MOVIE. Somewhere about a half an hour in a lost interest. I had had enough and started to doodle in my notebook. I hung out to the end but how I felt about the film never changed. On the other hand some people I spoke to after seeing the film said glowing things. Granted they tended to be fans of Akerman and were familiar with her recent work which also featured her mother.

As I said at the top how you react will depend upon how you feel about Akerman's style.

The film plays October 7 and 8. For more information and tickets go here.

New York FIlm Festival Projections the Free collections

These are words on the three free collections playing on a loop at the amphitheater at the film center the first weekend in October. Each runs about a half hour total.

COLLECTION A- Plays on October 2
CHUMS FROM ACROSS THE VOID- various people across time and space are connected by narration and song. Meh.

TWO SIGHTS- strobing images to a minimalist score. Very cool

A DISASTER FOREVER- A strange cosmology is explained while see various images. The images are great. The narration not so much

COLLECTION B- Plays on October 3
TERRESTRIAL- a reimagining- of sorts of a train crash at a Chicago airport-or so the material says. I think it's more images of a trip.

NOTE SEM DISTANCIA- The world imagined s negative dream world. Interesting to a point but it goes on much too long

COLLECTION C- Plays on October 4
RABBIT SEASON DUCK SEASON- an examination of the classic Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoon  as philosophy. Very cool.

ALL MY LOVE ALL MY LOVE- (the copy I was given gave my computer fits)

VELVET PEEL 1- real world interacting with digital effect. Its interesting at times.

OM RIDER- anoldman, a wold man, a motorcycle, dice and a keyboard. Its strange animation-in a good way

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Pictures from the New York Film Festival 2015 screening of De Palma

A review of the film is coming but right now I wanted to post some pictures of Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow and Brian De Palma at the New York Film Festival screening of the documentary on the great director. I've always been a fan of the director and he's one of the few directors who's work I search out because even if I don't like the film there is something interesting in it.

Baumbach, De Palma and Paltrow in the filmmaker's box at Alice Tully Hall

Paltrow, De Palma, Baumbach and Kent Jones who asked the questions
De Palma giving an animated answer
Baumbach answers while everyone listens
De Palma and Baumbach listen to an audience question
De Palma

New York Film Festival 2015 Projections Program 10

This was one of the best collections in all of the Projections programs go see this one.

SANTA TESTA AND OTHER STORIES-  Docu-fiction is based on a chapter in an unfinished book by Roberto Bolano about killings along the Mexican border has a hypnotic quality. While uneven in some ways  the film never fails to grasp you and force you to look at things in a new way. I need to see this film again on it's own and not in the midst of 53 other films in the series.

BUNTE KUH- A flickering mix of found footage and found postcards mixes with a narrator explanation of a trip. An intriguing trifle

THE EVERYDAY RITUAL OF SOLITUDE HATCHING MONKEYS- very cool film about a man afraid of water who moves... and well its a story told through subtitles over seeming random images which take on new meaning with the words. Awesome just completely awesome. One of the best films in the whole Projections and probably all of this year's NYFF.

The collection screens once on October 4. For tickets and more information go here.

Why you should see RAN at the New York Film Festival 10/2

Because of the way the screenings fell together with this year's New York Film Festival I haven't had time to get to coverage of all of the revivals the way I have in years past. I simply don't have time to write full reviews of all of the films. However there are a couple of films I have to mention even if it's just to tell you to go and see it.

Akira Kurosawa's RAN is Shakespeare's King Lear set in medieval Japan. The story tinkers with things in that instead of daughters the king has sons, and instead of just greed and lust for power the motives are more complex involving revenge. One character is more Lady Macbeth than anything in Lear.

Its an awesome film that proved that despite what some people may have thought, the old master hadn't lost a step.

If you've never seen the film you have to go. Its just one of the greatest works of cinema you'll ever see. Seriously you have to go see this.

If you've only seen the film on TV you also must go, I say this because if you've only see it on TV you've never seen it. This is a gorgeous widescreen film that was made to be seen big. Its a film that changes and becomes richer the bigger that you see it. The fact that this is a new restoration makes this even more a must see.

Go see this (and it's a Friday night so there is no reason not to go)

The film plays October 2. For tickets go here